Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reading Between the Lines…

Today was a scorcher temperature wise, and otherwise as well.
In an effort to chill a little, I decided to go for an enticing swim at the lovely Gravenhurst pool – new, modern and indoors.

Despite the fact the location is poorly signed at the main road, and entry somewhat convoluted, new visitors will be pleased with their discovery.

I parked my car in the shade, alongside 4 others. Upon exiting, I heard the slurpy syrupy sound of a Bylaw Enforcement vehicle burbling with fulfillment as it moved away from the area. Aghast and alas, parking tickets for all the patrons’ cars parked in a delectable row. Easy pickings for the picker.

It must be noted that there is no signage whatsoever indicating this was an undesignated parking area, and in fact, concrete barriers were in place to ensure one’s front wheels were not moved too far forward and off the pavement.

Not being a resident of the Town of Gravenhurst, and unlikely to return within seven days, I went to the Municipal Offices to pay the ticket; and then returned to take this photo at the site of my infraction – written up as “parking in an undesignated area”.

Would you park here? One of the aggrieved commented that he parked there every day – and others as well. Perhaps, this being Monday, the bylaw officer sought refuge under the shade of the yum-yum tree to watch and wait for unwitting victims; similar to a bird of prey lurking/watching/waiting.

Facility staff at the pool did remark that the parking areas had been recently set back from the wooded, shady area – sadly no sign to say so. I know that no means no, but how would anyone know to “no”?

Poor devil, perhaps he is a non-swimmer who either fears the water or has never dreamed of finding refreshment from the summer heat. And feeling scratchier as well under a synthetic-fiber uniform.

Discerning where or where not to park was about as clear as reading between the lines of the printed ticket.

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