Thursday, June 6, 2013

Staying Afloat...

The ravaging floodwaters experienced this year by so many Muskoka residents, as well as points north and east, caused a rude awakening and plenty of grief.
Year round homes located in what is usually a passable area were affected significantly - electricity turned off, and no way to get supplies or relief.

Absentee cottagers could only anguish about the state of their property and possessions – insurance company adjusters and claims consultants felt sadly popular – and in some instances perhaps an ounce of prevention invested at an earlier time could have contributed to a cure. We never think “it will happen to us”, and then wham!

Whatever our circumstances, wherever we live, and whatever our profession or source of income, the “what ifs” of life and living can be so enormous that often they are shelved without due consideration. Hindsight, as we all know can be either valuable or with regret!

In addition to the popular topics of “weather” and/or “health”, conversations turn both literally and figuratively to the meaningful subject of staying afloat!

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