Thursday, June 13, 2013

Keeping in step….

Keeping In Step

On certain occasions such as military marches, parade route exhibitions, dancing recitals or even arm-in-arm strolling, it’s easily noticed when one participant falls out of rhythm and is “out of step”. We are immediately aware that a double skip or lagging back might rectify the fluidity, or maybe not!

Some people naturally lead the pack, with long striding steps and authority. Others may set a pace that enables several to walk as a group, each confident in their progress and in solidarity.

Of late, popular personalities have emerged on television and in print media as “whisperers” of horses, dogs, and even ghosts - influencing behavior and responsiveness with persuasiveness.

A Realtor® who may represent both Buyer and Seller clients, offers assorted communication skills; aural or visual/emphatic/or otherwise suggestive. Some clients like to be seized firmly by the halter and move through the entire process by following the lead. Anyone who’s ever tried to cajole a balky horse to walk smoothly and calmly knows that the secret is being in rhythm of movement – whatever the direction.

If the client is headstrong and foot stomps or shakes his head wildly, a different manner of communicating is required. Jerking the bridle, yanking or pulling likely will result in hooves flying. Conversely, finding a pace that suits both parties will reduce anxiety; ease flailing and bucking just for the sake of it, and eventually progresses to moving smoothly along side by side.

Whether the natural gait is walk, trot or gallop headlong with eagerness, a steadying hand and sweet whispers in the ear can earn a tasty carrot – the completion of a transaction without rodeo-style athleticism. Synchronized, measured movement with hardly noticeable cues takes practice and tenacity when learning the how-tos of keeping in step.

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