Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jack's Kiss...

On the front page of The Toronto Star on August 23rd, 2011, there was a beautiful photo of the late Jack Layton, Leader of the Federal Opposition for Canada – and his beloved wife Olivia Chow, MP.. Absolutely sweet, bittersweet and wrenching.

This picture led my thoughts to how husbands and wives part company in the morning, or whenever – enroute to work, business travel or other assignments.

We’re all familiar with the admonition “never go to bed angry, talk it through” if you’ve had a spat…yet sometimes we may be guilty of stomping out the door, slamming it so the glass rattles, or simply departing without so much  as a farewell gesture.

The perfunctory peck on the cheek is sometimes delivered dutifully – in haste, or so as not to muss one’s appearance! This morning, after a quick buss, my husband informed me that it wasn’t a “Jack” kiss….referring to the newspaper pic.

Today, and every day, remember to share a “Jack” kiss with your partner – you’ll hold tight to those memories when you can’t hold tight to the person.

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