Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Taming of the Shrew...

Even the most even-tempered and amenable of people can sometimes realize they’ve set their teeth or clamped their jaws tightly shut in frustration. Worse than that, voices may rise shrilly or manner of speaking faster or even clipped. Ouch!

Being a fairly easy-going and accommodating person myself, today I felt shrewish when appointments to show real estate to an out-of-town prospect were unceremoniously cancelled by the prospective Buyer after business hours the evening before.  Not only would there be phone calls to the listing agents to make, with apologies, but also that the better part of Sunday could have been available to others whom I could not accommodate.

I’ve never seen a real shrew, but have met several human ones over the years. The adjective “shrewishness”  describes an unbecoming behavior which I would not indulge in - even if I did have ”violet-coloured” eyes like the late Elizabeth Taylor!

Lesson learned? Yepper – the prospect himself is a salesman too; I would have anticipated less-cavalier and inconsiderate actions. Betcha’ his business isn’t client focused…Ouch again!

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