Thursday, August 4, 2011

Santa in Summer...

Yesterday was an auspicious day for me, at the tender age of 60+++ I met Santa, after a long hiatus!

My pontoon boat was moored upstream from Bracebridge’s famous theme park – operating for over 50 years as Santa’s Village. As I was preparing to move the boat from dock to where the trailer was at the ready to take her out of the water,  the new owner commented that there was what appeared to be a look-alike  pirate vessel coming up the river.. 

Minutes later, as I was midstream, the motor conked out – and there I was adrift . Looking around for approaching vessels, what do I spy but the Santa’s Village boat coming downstream now to return to it’s landing. Waving to alert the captain that I had no power, he called out that he would give me a tow to the trailer. True to mariner rules and courtesy, the larger boat came alongside. At the bow – like a figurehead – is a huge silhouette of Rudolph – and aboard were parents and small children in elve’s hats and other theme attire. 

Deftly, Captain Ricky moved me about 40 feet and pointed my boat toward the back of the trailer. As he departed, the children and parents were waving farewell – excited to have been a part of it all. Captain Ricky is well-known in the community and makes an annual appearance at the Bracebridge Parade. In late November.  Reindeer pulling the sleigh, plus  elves and lots of jingle-jangle on the float.

Thanks Santa! I’m a believer again.

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