Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas In The Country...

Many of the “baby-boomer” generation can clearly or nearly remember visits to a relative’s farm or rural address where the apparent simplicities of living seemed so unique and so desirable.

I can recall visits to “Uncle Charlie’s” where the living room sofa had horsehairs springing out of the upholstery and the indoor toilet had a truly noisy chain-pull mechanism that activated the overhead water tank to flush!

Poetically, buzzing bees and gentle breezes through the grasses sound romantic – but the sights and smells of country living are incomparable and unforgettable.
Who could forget the burst of flavour from a just-picked strawberry, or the smell of homemade soup mellowing on the back burner! My Grandma used to determine whether the wood-fired cookstove was hot enough for baking bread “ by opening the oven door and shoving her arm in to “test” the temperature.

The feeling we all cherish of “coming home” for Christmas – wherever home may be – encompasses the sights, sounds, smells and flavours -   lights on the tree, candles flickering, sometimes even bells jingling or piano ringing or glasses tinkling;  home baking and sideboards laden with yummy delights.

Wherever your heart may lead you at Christmas – the tangible spirit of the season is undeniable. Whether sad heart or glad heart; catch what you can and give back if you are able.

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