Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hugging A Tree...

We’ve all heard and are familiar with the expression “Tree Hugger” in reference to someone who is environmentally aware and practices what they preach. And a commendable way of life indeed!

With the subject of nature in mind – the expression “hug a tree” is used in my family to invite young grandsons to participate in a rite of Spring, Summer, Fall and even Winter. Fun, exciting and easy enough for boys everywhere – sometimes to the chagrin of their very polite mamas whose toilet training methods may not include the great outdoors!

Today it is blustery and the skies are snow-filled with prediction of a stormy night ahead. Clients from the city have come to spend some time interviewing contractors for renovations they have in mind – and with the cottage already winterized there is no running water. The lady has been dancing for about an hour or so – but felt reluctant to drive to town in case she missed the arrival of an appointment!

Eventually, the lady was all danced out and it was suggested that she seek
 a spot out of the wind and find relief. The hilarity of the idea was simply too much – the giggles put pressure on her nether regions and the only solution was to, indeed, hug a tree!

One of many “firsts” in the Muskoka experience!! Yahoo!

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