Friday, December 9, 2011

Taking the Skin Off...

“We’ve all heard the health recommendations about reducing our intake of fats, though it’s certain that the human body does require some. Careful choices are made at the grocery store, and preparation at home is even more diligent – fat reduced menus somehow don’t taste as good, especially until one gets used to the new process.

When I was a young girl, delicious stews, soups and other meals all had the savour of marrow bones, skins and sometimes organ meats. When cooled, the fat was more or less skimmed off the top. Gravies were always prepared from scratch on the stove top -  in the roasting pan; and for those very special occasions, Yorkshire Pudding made from the beef drippings!

So now, naked chicken breasts and bared thighs. No salt, thin soups. And heaven forbid that a lamb shank should be allowed to simmer overnight in the pot. Seldom sautéed, broiled or baked, raised lean and sometimes less flavourful. Nowadays, it’s basically “what you see if what you get”, at least food wise.

I wonder, in this interactive and social world,  whether  we would be able to identify more readily and relate to others if we too could peel away the skin that hides so much and simply see each ourselves and each other without all the layers.

No more pretense …get naked!

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