Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jingle Bells at the Kettle...

Last Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of doing a stint on behalf of the Salvation Army during their annual fund-raising drive to help local families. During moments when nobody was either coming in or exiting, I played a little game in my head to keep myself occupied….

Keeping in mind that the only instruments available to me were the hand-held jungle bells and  my own finger snapping or toe tapping, the results were a lot of fun and actually elicited comments from several who had observed me while approaching from the parking lot or, conversely, checking out at the cash!

My own little dance party was founded on whatever song title came into my head – then hum the melody with accompanying percussion of bells, feet, thumb ‘n finger and an occasional ricochet off the kettle. I had some good rhythms going and it was a blast..Visualize the pompom on my Santa hat just bopping and shoulders rocking. I’m truly not The Littlest Elf, but the bowlful of jelly was not too remarkable either!

Ho-ho-ho…”have yourself a merry little Christmas now.”   

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